About us

MG GROUP – is a group of companies linked by a common capital system and a common quality control system of services. Strategic partnership is based on the mutual support of group members in the implementation of joint projects as well as autonomous tasks. The MG Group’s location in the immediate vicinity of Poznań, the capital and economic heart of Wielkopolska, favorable to the main communication routes in the region, is an important asset of the group and its individual members.

MG PROJECT – is a design and construction office operating on the visualization market for both customers and the needs of MG Group. MG PROJEKT deals with the concept of visual and specialized projects, from the task analysis phase to the finally agreed technical design for production, including prototype and short-run production.

MG PERFEKT – a business-marketing company working for clients as well as specialized support within the MG GROUP – depending on the nature and complexity of the order it can assume the role of a central coordination and project management center. MG PERFEKT takes care of contacts with external trading partners and conducts regular market research to attract clients and orders from Poland and throughout Europe.

MG FACTORY – is a manufacturing company with a wide range of execution possibilities for wood, steel, aluminum, plastics, advertising and printing. FACTORY is engaged in the production of products intended for the realization of trade fairs as well as the production of complete individual or system solutions for the supply of shops. In addition, MG FAKTORIA has experience in specialized production, including short series, and in prototyping products based on individual orders and customer requirements – from the development of technical documentation, through the selection of material and production technology, to the packaging of the final product. MG FACTOR offers customers, directly and within the MG GROUP, economically and economically optimal solutions, irrespective of the product category or the degree of its advancement. The entire production is based on its own technological background, including a modernly equipped carpentry workshop, locksmith’s shop, welding plant etc. MG FACTORIA also has specialized production department of internal and external advertising, including own large format printing machines and plastic art studio. MG FACTOR is the main contractor within the MG GROUP, which enables comprehensive execution of orders in a wide range.

MG TRAMO – is a logistic company providing professional service and assembly services within MG GROUP as well as directly to external customers. MG TRAMO has extensive experience in providing logistic and assembly and service services in Poland and throughout Europe.